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Dead Bunnies Dead Plane

For only being 10:15 in the morning, it has already turned out to be a rather interesting day. I woke up at 8:30 like I always do on Thursday’s. It was a little windy out, but nothing I haven’t flown in before.

Of course, by the time we got to the field at 9, the winds had picked up to gusts of about 30 mph. Not good when your flying objects that are supposed to be lighter than air. Needless to say though, the wind was not enough to get us not to fly… Afterall it was (and still is) a bright sunny day outside… How could we not go up in the air?

So I went up first and found that my plane either went really fast, or didn’t move at all. To explain that further, I was either going with the wind, or into the wind, respectively. This posed quite a problem… How do you get back to the runway if you can’t fly into the wind.

Well, I decided after about 4 minutes of this that it was becoming unsafe to fly. So I started making my way around for a landing. The wind took me a little further out than I wanted to be, and I got a little lower than I wanted to be, and then, I started to panic. I throw my throttle to full and start pulling back genetally to try to get some altitude and perhaps get the thing back to the runway. I watched it… and something seemed rather weird. Even at full throttle, I swear the plane was getting farther away, not coming towards me. Slowly but surely I lost more altitude… But not as fast as one might think. It was basically a helicopter landing out in the middle of the corn field.

Needless to say, the Eagle yet again proved that even when I can’t see the plane because it’s so far away and behind a hill, that it can in deed land itself given that you don’t put it into the ground. So I ran out and got it. Somehow during that time, my gramps got his plane down safely and refueled (it was a fairly long walk out to my plane and back).

I decided to check my plane out because I had no control from my wing either. I had to control with my rudder for most of my flight, which is something I hate to do. Once my Grandpa was up, I went out to watch him for a little bit. He got a little loose going around, and got a little scared, but he managed to bring it in for a true helicopter style handing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a plane do that… Straight down from 10 feet up… Amazing.

The mistake came when he decided to take off again. He managed to make a few circles around before he decided to try his luck at landing again. It was looking almost exactly like the previous helicopter landing up until the wind caught his left wing. Suddenly the plane took a dive from about 20 feet up straight into the ground. In my 8 years of flying, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a plane shattered quite that bad. I’ve crashed 3 times, most of the time I lose a part of my wing, and perhaps break the body in two… This time, the tale shattered into 4 pieces, the engine, servos, and receiever all managed to come out of the body of the body. The body was shattered. The right side of the wing was…. unrecognizable. The left side was the only thing that was in any sort of "good shape". But on a whole, the blast radius was about 5 feet… That plane, will never fly again.

On the way home, I tried to take a picture of what I thought was Plane Layne’s white house. Might not be though too. Eh. When I get the digital, I’ll compare what I can.

Of course, my interesting morning didn’t stop there.

On the way home, we saw what appeared to be a dead bunny on the road basically right before our driveway. Very sad. It might have been a baby because it was pretty small. As we turned into the driveway, I saw another rabbit on the side of the driveway. As we drove up, it didn’t scury away into the weed like they normally do. It turned out, this bunny had been hit as well, and barely could move. So we drove up to the top of the drive way, got a gone, and then, basically at point blank range… I shot it.

Very disturbing to kill a creature as cure as a bunny.

It’s a little more disturbing when your told to shoot it one more time in the head for good measure.

Eh. Not that their is any evidence that animals go to heaven… but from what I could tell, it was a good bunny.

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Was there anything else I was going to mention? No? I didn’t think so.

Time to get cleaned up and head to church. Later all.

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