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A Real Track

So NASCAR is racing at what Richard would call a real track today. I love this race. 110 laptops of sharp turns, narrow roads, all at high speed. Maybe I also love it because it’s known as one of Jeff Gordan’s best tracks :-).

So right now I’m watching it. And playing poker. In case you didn’t read, party poker gave me 20 bucks that if I can play 120 hands with, I can keep it. I like it when they do that. It’s basically a free chance to get money.

I’d comment on Ultima but all I’ve been doing in it is collecting BOD’s. Shoot, that reminds me I need to check my vendor. I’ll go do that right now……

Yay, I get my stuff back even though it died. I love the way vendors work now aday’s. I know it would be cool if they dropped their stuff, but I think I like this better.

Gordan is still leadning. Lap 11 :-).

K, well I best be getting back to my poker playing antics. I love my sweety.

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