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Debating a move

So I’m debating whether or not to perform the final move for JR Corps tonight. I think I will. I have an hour, and hey, what could possibly go wrong?

Needless to say, my email might get missed. Just might. I doubt it, but it might.

Spent today working. Replication is rocking with Gondor, we’ll see how it holds up. Also doing a lot with XSL. Very interesting language is XSL. As Blaine likes to put it, it’s CSS for XML. The fun part is, if you have XML, XSL, and CSS, there isn’t anything you can’t do that HTML can. If you throw in PHP, you have the complete set.

I don’t know how long it will be till I jump on the XSL bandwagon, but once I do, you can be sure it will rock your faces off.

John is a better rollerblader than me. So is half of America. But that’s besides the point. The new idea is to create a odometer for roller blades. Think I can do it?

I’m off to do something now. Later.

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