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The Line between bad and good

Let me start off by saying this post might be written over a series of hours. I hope to start it now, and finish it later if I can’t get it all done in the hour after my arrival home.

That’s right people. I’m home. I’m home from what has been deemed as my least favorite trip of the year. Let me continue from my last post’s hate list and then show you where the line get’s drawn.

This morning I again woke up in Nebraska. It was raining, most likely because of all the smoke created by the massive amount of fireworks set off last night in Nebraska. Rain is normally a good thing for Nebraska, but not when you travel.

We head first for my grandpa’s to make sure we have everything. Upon my arrival, I find out I have to go lay one more pipe with my dad. Yes, I said I was done earlier, apparently, I was wrong. So in my nice travel home clothes, I went out into the wet mud and tried to push together a pipe that just didn’t want to go. Eventually I got it in, with both my hands, pants, and legs now muddy. Oh well.

Got back to the house and found my mom looking at photos. That of course delayed us yet another hour from this trip home.

We then get on the road and it just starts pouring. For 6 of the 8 hours of the trip today, it was pouring, the other 2 were spent in Minnesota Road Construction, go figure. So if that wasn’t bad enough…

To top it all off, I broke my first gameboy. That’s right: broke. It appears that somewhere in the last week, I managed to crush my gameboy. I managed to crush it so hard that I broke the LCD in 4 locations. That make’s it impossible to play tetris. So basically that did it. That took the cake. My first gameboy breaks in my entire gameboy history, and not only does it break, but it breaks after it’s first 7 months of life. Warranty doesn’t cover neglegence. Oh well right?

So I decided to sit and do nothing the whole way home. I decided this trip wasn’t going to get any worse. I decided I had had enough and my life was going to go back to being good, the moment I got home.

Well when I got home, that got really easy to do. The list a of now is… Amber was on her way over to watch a movie before this horrible weekend has to come to an end. I had 2 of the 3 things I was hoping for in the mail. One of which was my DDR pad adapter, so for those of you who are wondering, yes it does mean my pad works again (yay). The second thing was from the secretary of state and included:

For those of you who are image blind, that’s our articles of incorporation. It’s official, we exist.

That’s that. Now I must get to bed and call my sweety for our first late night talk in about a week. I hope you all had an amazing fourth! BTW: go see spider man!

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