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How to start a company: carefully.

How to start a company: planning.

How to start a company: complete lack of sanity.

That’s my life. The question is when do I quit my job to make this happen. The company has clients lining up left and right. The company has members working on projects. The company needs to send invoices. The company needs to finish moving.

Lastly: I need sleep. I need time. I need comfort. I need help.

What’s that mean? It means I’m going to go now.

By the way: flying was great. Working at MSA was good. I need to talk to Dan. Dinner with Amber was great. Cards were great. I love Amber. We hope for the best for Nikki. Sim, keep up the good work. Blaine, sorry for using your as a wall. Talk to you all laterz.

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