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Missed Church

I think Amber reminded me so many times that I didn’t have to go to church that at some point I took it as don’t go to church. Then again that’s just me trying to pass the blaime for my stupidity.

To make the long story short, my alarm clock is set an hour ahead. When I first woke up, I must have been still tired because I looked at them and thought it was 11:20. Note, I shouldn’t say first woke up because I woke up many a time due to lightning and thunder. Well, because it said 11:20, I thought I had missed church. So I crashed my head on the pillow. Needless to say, I woke up about 20 minutes later and realized I had 5 minutes basically to get ready for church. I decided it wasn’t worth rushing, and so here I am explaining myself.

Ben sent me some IM’s in response to my post last night about my tetris scores. He reminded me that Tetris DX keeps track of points not lines and that there is no solid record of how many points you have in tetris. Such that, I will list my highscores here:

My Top 3 on my Tetris DX game are:
1. 6832303
2. 6530240
3. 4762300

And since I have my gameboy on, these are my *current* percentages:
Tetris: 19.2%
Triple: 5.6%
Double: 18.5%
Single: 56.6%

That help clarify things?

We got our first bill from Implex. It was 174.00. Yay, we didn’t exceed our bandwidth. I wonder if we will this month…. Probably not.

Amber‘s family reunion is tonight. I’m debating whether to work or go meet family. The right thing to do would be to support her and go meet family. I might even get some games of cards in. The wrong thing to do would be to make her mad…

Hey…. I get 3 days off this week! yay! Sonshine here I come.

Ok, I think that’s everything, perhaps I’ll get an oil change this afternoon.

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