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Bus(y)iness as usual

Starting a company when you have a job, girlfriend, friends, and an all around life, might be a mistake. Needless to say though it does create an always busy life, and an always busy life just means you never get anything done… Hence, the lack of updates.

So let’s go through what has happened in the last week reguarding company startup. We filed and recieved our EIN from the IRS. That then allowed us to take about a dozen other steps. Those steps included meeting with a lawyer to make sure we had done everything right up until then. (Turned out we had a few things wrong, some of which are still being discussed among us so I won’t mention them here). We then filed for our MN tax id number as well as a few other documents such as the IRS 2553 (which I should mail out today.)

Yesterday I met with the bank, and we secured our first corporate checking account. The account will hopefully start paying all the bills as well as bringing in all the money starting soon. Right now I’m waiting on the check card and the merchant account before I do anything with it. Anyway, the account isn’t showing up in my online accounts, so perhaps it’s not a good idea to start using it yet.

With a new account comes a need for new accounting. I think today, on top of everything else I hope to get done, I will work on my finicial accounting system. I have a plan for it, better than quickbooks, better than excel, but probably not as full featured as either. We’ll see how much time I have to code today.

I should bring the scanner down here as well. I have many things I would love to keep scanned for record purposes. Not to mention business cards, I have to find a way to keep track of them, and aquire them, at some point.

Also have to write up Blaine, Jon, and Richard‘s contract.

Let’s make a list of what should get done today, and then see how much we can actually accomplish:

Moving of HRAH-PA to new server
Moving of St. Bernards to new server
Moving NECF to new server
Moving GAHF to new server
Moving Emperors ball to new server
Move any remaining stuff I’m not thinking about
Type contracts for Blaine, Jon, Rich
Code JR Corps.com
Scan paper work.
Research terminal services.
Send emails
Blaine‘s CVS thingy
Fix Spam AssassinPlenty to do, so little time.

Well I best get started. Fair winds all.