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How to become a CA

I need to get to sleep so the length of this post is determined by how quickly I can write before I want to crawl into bed. Let’s start with yesterday.

I’m still wearing my new outfits daily. I think I might have to get like 3 more, just for good measure. It’s cool looking good everyday (like sim) as opposed to just looking like some 9th grader. I like collars it would seem.

Last night was spent at church for the first hour or so. I got there to find no one there, so I started wiring the sound system. Amber shortly arrived there after and we worked at cleaning the room. It looks much nicer than when we we got there, which is good. The sound system is wired pretty cool-ly as well. The TV is even plugged into it, how nifty is that. Hopefully the wire coming from the ceiling isn’t a problem. Nikki arrived sometime in all that mess, and we had our own wednesday night, without a Thomas to be found.

We headed up to Damon’s played some trivia. Good food, few good laughs, good trivia.

Came back here and watch some movie about becoming a airline pilot, or something like that. The more important thing was that we were all hanging out together.

Then we get to today. Since the biggest thing in my life seems to be business startup, let me give you the run down as to where we are at:

Merchant account has been completed and setup. Working on integrating it with the future jrcorps.com website now. Hopefully we can do that safely and securely.
Installed Mod_Ssl to help with that securely part. If you want to see the secure form of a page, goto https://www.jrcorps.com/. Wow huh?
Got the business check card, the number is… (just kidding).
Faxed in an IRS Form. Yay.So this weekend we hope to finish the website at least with the basic accounting stuff I want, as well as the document storage system (hopefully). That probably means coding most if not all of saturday (seeing as tomorrow night I’m hanging out with a German… hear that Maria, I’m hanging out with a boy that is from GERMANY.)

That said.. I don’t know exactly what is going on tomorrow night, but I’ll be sure to call you all. Keep busy!

BTW: some people you just don’t want to do business with.

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