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Waking up…

Its now like 10 AM, which means I got 10 hours of sleep. This, however, means nothing to me right now.
For some reason, I woke up this morning thinking I had missed a class or two, when in reality the only thing I missed was church.
This was only because Amy had softball today and therefore had a game at 9:00 which means we couldn’t go to 8:15 as a family.
I suppose I could go to 10:45 by myself, but no.

Today is race day. Maybe Gordan will win, but probably not. I am supposed to finish some websites, including this one, today. I hope to get that done. I also have to get that MSA server that was not working, working… It still isn’t working this morning, so that kind of annoys me.
I also have to finish a 4 page English paper, and some Spanish homework. Wish me luck :-).

As for girls, there is no hope for today either. The odds of falling out of love with one person and into love with another are next to non. However, its not brining my mood down for I am to busy to let it do so.

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