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Prayers, Baseball, Birthdays

Let’s start with today. Today was good in that we solved a key problem with the JRCorps.com domain server. Hopefully this helps to solve some name resolution problems we have been having. If it doesn’t… well, I don’t know if there is a "what if" to that. Most of you haven’t noticed the problem though, thanks to the wonder’s that is the Internet’s DNS system. For those of you who wonder what the problem was… More than likely, it was a missing "." in one of the configuration files. Thank you DNS mailing list for the help with that one.

Also got the plans setup for the Twins Game tomorrow. 12:20 is the game time, meet us there at 11:30ish if you want to join up.

Today was also my Dad’s 50th Birthday. It’s amazing how we truly are all getting older. I will be 20 in less than 6 months. What have I done? Where am I going? What will I become… Only God knows that. The only way to get there, is with him by my side.

That roles me into my next topic. I watched Bruce Almighty with Amber tonight. Good movie. I like the message. For that reason, I think I’m going to type out my prayers, or at least, what they are in some form.

Just me again Lord,

Thank you for protecting me through yet another day. Thank you for the countless friends, blessings, and abilities you have blessed me with. Thank you for your forgiveness when I screw up. I know I’m good at that. Please help me to release my attitude towards the banking system as well as any other system that frustrates me, whether it be my linux box at work, or my server.

Lord, help me to serve you better. Help me to focus my talents for you. I know I make excuses and push back time, Lord please help me to make the time to be with you.

Please Bless Amber and keep her safe. Above all, let her be happy. Help us to continue to strive together though life with you right there with us. Continue to bless our relationship, and help us to fight off the things that get in the way.

Also bless Amber‘s Family, Ashley, Jill, and Mike, as well as my family. Protect Amy as she comes home on Tuesday and protect Smash as she get’s ready to go to camp. Let our parents guide us wisely, and let us hear what they have to say. Protect the Old man as he truly is getting old from the signs of old age. And keep the mom happy.

Lord Bless Nikki as I know you have big plans for her. Help her to seek your will and protect her from going astray. Above all, help both her and Amber with funding for school and let them both know that they are loved.

Lord I lay before you Richard, May your grace work it’s way back into his life. Continue to bless him with good friends, and protect the relationship that he too has with Elizabeth. Help him through the rest of the summer, and thank you for getting him through yet another class at the U.

Bless the rest of the crew, Mel with school and chipotle not to mention her boy Jack, Alex and John on their endevors to find someone to walk with, Maria, The German we are going to baseball tomorrow, may he have a good time. Thank you for Dan, Joe and Colleen as we head into the MSA nutso period. Bless Blaine, John P., and the rest of Team JR and Colin as Team UofM. Lord help our company to make it even with the bankers that I get so frustrated at. Lord continue to help Alex A and Victor in their faiths as well as server work. Protect the Robs with their adventures and company startup as well. Lord, help Yulia find happiness back. PK as he is away. Beth and her soon to be hubby. Jerimiah and Julie. Lord bless Derek and Thomas, especially Thomas with him now leaving us. Help him to know that your with him all the way. Bless Kristina, Jake, Jake, Jon, Ben for all the hard work he is doing on the SMRC. Lord Bless Jimmy Stoffle for that great 5 minute talk we had yesterday in the youth room. It was great to hear how uplifted he was because of Orlando.

Lord keep the rest of my family safe, the youth group, co-workers, friends, aquaitances, as well as everyone else, from the politions to the solidiers. Bless them all. Thank you so much for what everyone has done for me, and help them all to "be the miracle".

In your most holy name we pray


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