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More DNS issues, PHP 5, and the return of Amber

It seems the DNS monster has creeped back into our lives, this time onto Tumbledry. I can resolve tumbledry.org from here, but not www.tumbledry.org which is both weird, and upsetting. Isolating the problem seems difficult, but it most likely seems to be a problem of timings. I got a response about a week ago as to how to repair that problem, and I’ll have to look into it to make sure all the domains are then set properly.

Amber comes home tonight. I plan to be there the moment she get’s home at 7:30. I’ll probably head over there soon. Pending her arrival home and my departure from her house, plans are in effect to upgrade to php 5 tonight. I’m not quite sure what all that means for the general public, but, it’s good to announce it anyway here.

For those of you who are worried about Nikki, don’t be. She has spoken, she is fine.

The countdown of work to do is again rising, but have no fear… billy the kid is here:

Goals for Tonight:
1) See Amber
2) GAHF.ORG move
3) DNS setup for tov…org
4) PHP 5 Upgrade.

That doesn’t sound so bad :-).

To copy Shattered Cube’s post-style ending, just remember to always rinse first!

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