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Needing Things

So interestingly enough, after wasting time watching the world cup *brazil wins 2-0 over germany* and going to a call at MSA that:
a)My homework still isn’t done
b)I must have a girlfriend by 8 tommorow.

Ironically enough, I didn’t say AM or PM, and people took a real interest in this away message I left. Well the truth is, I don’t really *need* one persay. I only want one by then.

Now here is where the motivation gets sticky. I may just want one for the sake of wanting one. Maybe it has something to do with my parents going out of town for the weekend. Maybe its a factor in getting myself or others motivated to get a girlfriend.
Whatever the case, the statement was made by me.

Well like I said before, I worked on that stupid server for so long, and its so stupidly not working. I don’t understand it at all.

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