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Newt Gingrich Where Are You?

Let’s start with the basics… I lied in my last post when I said the list dwindled. For every 1 thing removed, I’m putting 5 back on, so in reality life keeps getting busier. It’s as busy as the black hole that my graph turns into when I haven’t updated in over a week. (It’s a very scary black isn’t it…)

Anyone know what happens to all of our favorite former politians? I sure don’t. I used to love Newt. Newt was speaker of the house back when I was in 6th grade. There is a rumor that the only reason I liked him is because my cousin did, but in truth, his big nose is what made him so cool. He was a real life pinoccio. Everytime he lied, it grew. That’s a politian for ya.

Speaking of politians, I felt that over my lunch break, I would make it clear so that there was no doubt where this blog stands in the coming months, that I am indeed republican. The reasons are as follows:

I am a white middle class male living in what used to be rural America with strong christian beliefs. In other words, I fit the profile. (that’s not a reason, that’s a joke)
I don’t believe in abortion, in any situation other than when it threatens the life of the mother, and that, is not abortion by choice. There are plenty of people in this world that would love to adopt a child and would probably pay for the mother to carry it, even if there aren’t… I might be able to swing for early abortions in the case of rape or other various crimes. I wonder sometimes if the people who support abortion know what it looks like (warning that was the least graphic link I could find).
I don’t believe Bush has been treated fair in the war against Iraq. America said after 9/11 that the government (and therefore Bush) hadn’t done it’s job in protecting america from known terrorists. They said we should have "got rid of" Al Quada a long time ago. Then, when Bush attacks a terrosist nation (Iraq) with the idea that they were likely to harm us or our allies in the future, or worse, support those who would harm us he gets flack… Does that make any sense? No. Did Bush do the right thing by changing out Iraq, in my mind yes… It has nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction. It has everything to do with protecting America. Democracies don’t fight Democracies, the people would never vote for it.
We were lucky that America was attacked on 9/11 with Bush in the white house. Not that Kerry wouldn’t have done the same thing, but had it been Russian or someone crazy enough… there would be no middle east.
I don’t believe in Gay Marriage. Not because I don’t support Gays (I don’t but that’s not the issue). America at some point stopped fighting for it’s children. Issues like Abortion, Gay Marriage, etc, show this. I would get into why, but I think that needs to be another post because I have to get back to work.
I don’t believe Kerry can’t take a stance on anything… At least not a solid one.
Bush hasn’t killed us, and anyone capable of getting elected to run a country should not be allowed to do the job… So we may have just lucked out for the "nth" time with yet another president that seems to be doing ok at it.
I like Bushes stance on his religion. He doesn’t hide it. Kerry, Catholic? Maybe… Seen it? Nope.
I like Bushes support funding for communities (maybe I’ll explain this more later).So that was my Pro-Bush campaign for today. I should mention, that if Jesse ran though (or a third party candidate I liked), depending on where they stood, I might just vote that way. (sick of 2 party politics).

In something other than politics, Alex’s profile had this thing so I will use it to leave today.

Batman to the rescue!

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