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A message to Dan and Adam

This post is purely for the purpose of speaking to my counterparts at MSA. Hopefully they will read this and follow it. This is how crappy a server failure can be.

What I’ve done:

Restored Internet using the student server as a gateway. Although this isn’t the best solution to our problems, it was the fastest and most reliable at the time. If a computer isn’t working, it needs to have it’s DHCP repaired which means either reboot it or disable and enable the network connection. Note: you probably can’t repair it due to a problem with trying to drop the gateway entry.
Downloaded FC1 disk 1.
I did more than this, but needless to say, it was all for nothing.What I need you to do:

Check on the teachers tomorrow and keep them calm.
Download FC1 disk 2 and 3 to the laptop
Burn FC1 disk 1, 2, and 3 to CD.
Remove teacher server from rack. Remove processor from teacher server and install into Zues. Remove ram from teacher server and install into Zues. Do not put the spare hard drives into Zues.What not to do:

Do not attempt to install FC1 for fear that the data on home will get erased.What I will do when I get there at about 7:30 tomorrow night:

Install Fedora and rebuild the firewall. God be with me.Night world…

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