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Undestanding the lack of posts

I find it amazing how people kindly remind me to post when I go on these 2 week vacations. It’s been awhile since I’ve missed updating so badly, but as you can tell… I managed it this time around.

Many of you saw my post yesterday and were probably thinking, what the heck was Justin doing? Simple answer: I was showing Derek, my youth pastor how my blog worked. Just a simple demo that started my posting again. It seems that that works out best for everyone.

So where is this post going from here? Well, let’s sum up some of the more major events or the last 2 weeks:

School has been going fine, 1 class boring, 3 all right, 1 class fun.
Amber is doing great so far. Her grades right now are probably better than mine… But I just submitted my first assignment yesterday.
I now have Amber‘s Parking spot.
Amber‘s cousin had a b-day party where we discovered a game called Zuma.
JR Corps is in the Black for this month.
JR Corps had a very frustrating server crash last Saturday.
JR Corps got a new design.
MSA had a frustrating server crash on Labor day. A new server is coming.
MSA is staring Computer club back up.
Blaine and I continue the struggle at our jobs.
Went to my first college party and took 2nd place in a student poker tournament.
Won and cashed out 200 dollars on Party Poker
Purchased and recieved a Dell laptop (more to follow)
Church has started back up.Pretty quick sum up ain’t it?

Let’s talk about the laptop. Amber and I ordered matching Dell D600’s. Very cool for school. I have dual batteris in mine so basically I could go 6+ hours sitting in lecture doing my homework, or some other activity. Needless to say I’m getting more done now than I ever have before. It also means Amber can be online from the U.

John is having a DDR party on Friday. Sounds like it’s going to be a blast. We’ll be beating extreme 2 in no time.

Here’s a tip for those of you that have problems accessing certain services from various locations. Find a location that you know works, and setup a VPN for it. For example: In the IT building I can’t FTP to JR COrps or check my email. But, I can VPN to the U of M network (that are two different networks) and then I have complete access to anything I would on the U network (IE: email and ftp). VPN: Very Proper Networking (in my mind). (it’s actually Virtual Private Network).

Well, that is the sum of my last two weeks. Let’s see if I can’t post a little more often now.

To Do:
CSCI 5106 Homework
CSCI 4061 Homework
ART Homework