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Another day where the brain ceases to function

It’s been an interesting day so far. One that I wish would get over with a little bit faster than it has. I’ve been at work all morning, during which, the amount I’ve got done has been quite small. I’m trying to solve a problem with the application I’m working on, and just thinking out a solution seems to be difficult. It’s one of those where the overlying structure was designed for one thing, and I want to make that one thing do something it wasn’t designed to do, and anytime I change something in one, the other breaks. Blah…

I need to do some stuff for Derek and Denise tonight, as well as get back to work on some of my stuff. I would love to have some time to do some coding of my own. Perhaps soon I will file my 2 weeks notice. Maybe sooner than later.

I had an interesting post idea like 10 minutes ago. I don’t remember it now though. That said… This post ends here.