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Walking Vs. Running

For the last 19 years of my life, I’ve been running. Sometimes running away from something. Sometimes running towards something. Rarely do I take the time to walk, let alone stop. The only time I manage to do that is in the presence of God and from time to time, in the presence of Amber.

The question is, where has all this running got me?

Honestly: by most people’s standards, quite far. I’m a semester away from being done with college where most of my friends are either just starting or in the process of picking their major. I’m starting a company that a Rich and I had envisioned since 5th, if not 4th grade (Dr. Quandary I think is where the name got created… We even considered chaning it to RJ Corp, but RJ wasn’t part of the company, the first documents about the company were in fake time articles in 5th grade). I’m well on my way to having a wife, if I’m daring enough to and humble enough to ask. But where has it gotten me?

Simply put…. Dizzy.

For now that means reading Amber‘s paper, packing for shaminaue, wokring on SPCPA’s website, coding a pole for John, my last week of work at the u of m, a cgi script for 4131, lots of code for 5106, a midterm for 4041, some more code for 4061, an email system that may or may not be working, prepping to fix a lady’s computers that aren’t of the right quality for her business (and therefore break), thoughts about a computer club meeting, and lastly and most importantly, trying to be there for those I love.

I will be lucky to pass any of them.

Will time free up when I don’t work for the u? We’ll see….

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