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Why not working = good grades

There’s a study out there that shows people who take out loans for college, and don’t work, get paid more when they leave college. Many people say this get’s offset in the short run because they have to pay off the loans, and might even be offset in the long run because they are bound to get paid more sooner or later. The fact is, both groups could be right…

What both groups acknowledge though, is those who have insanely flexible work schedules and/or dont work at all, get better grades than those who have rigid work schedules. This week, is a perfect example of just why this is…

Let’s start with office hours. I wouldn’t have been able to attend office hours if I was working without taking time off of work. This means I couldn’t go to argue with the TA about 3 points which would push me into the A bracket. There’s my first reason why they get better grades.

The next reason is the big one… Time. As many of you know from my previous post, I was out of town all weekend. Sunday, I finished up some homework that was due on monday. That said, I had two, really large assignments due on Wednesday. Had I been working, neither one would have gotten finished… But because I didn’t have to work, monday night I got a good start on one. Tuesday I spent 10+ hours doing homework throughout the day, enough to finish 1 assignment and get a start on another. Today, I used 2 hours to finish the last assignment. All my work was done with at least 2 hours to spare. How cool is that.

Now, we could attribute all of this to luck, and openness in time created by the 12 hours of work I no longer have between monday and wednesday, but really there is another factor that plays in. Prayer.

I don’t think I could have done any of it without the help of my Lord. That may sound sappy, but he put all the things in the right place for me to get the work done. He provided me all the motivation, lack of distractions, and timings. Otherwise, how else would I have gotten all that homework done, had dinner with amber for her b-day, watched the elections, voted, drove a few extra miles, got gas, and made it to bed with enough sleep to surrive today? Good question.

That said, it’s time to get back to the list of things to do with the hope that we can knock them all off the list.

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