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Flash Blogged

Welcome to the new portion of my blog where I tell you how and when I went to the bathroom. None of you want to read this, and yet you will all find yourselves reading it over and over again. So let’s begin.

So far today I’ve been to the restroom 3 times. First this morning when I woke up. I think most people experience this trip to the bathroom, and after awhile it becomes pretty regular, so I’ll leave my experience there out for this morning.

My next trip to the restroom happened during Art class. It turns out the more pop I drink, the more I need to pee. So I took a trip to the nearest potty. There I thought about the design of the bathroom.

There is tile on at least 2 of the 4 walls in the restroom. The other wall is solid concrete. While the liquids from this morning poured out of me, it occured to me that they must not expect water on those walls, either that, or they ran out of tile. The running out of tile idea came from the fact that the tile didn’t quite make it to the ceiling either, in fact, it was short by about 1 tile. I’m again not quite sure of the point, but if leaving tile off was an idea to encourage art, it would appear they had won, for on the concrete wall, it appeared that at least 1 person had taken a spray paint can to the wall and added their own design. I’m not sure why someone would want to do this, but I’m not sure why most people make art to begin with.

With that, my trip to the Art bathroom was pretty short and brief. My next trip to the restroom was also to relieve the 44 ounces of liquid I had had at lunch. This time it was at Coffeman. Upon arriving, two guys were already in there. Apparently they were having a nice conversation about a new lease one was about to enter into. I must say it’s a weird place to do business, but for them, it seemed to work out well.

So far, no big experiences from the bowels of my body, but perhaps we’ll have some movements later on.

It’s amazing how many things I was behind on and how I’m still working on catching up. I’m glad I dont have a job anymore. It means I might actually get a good grade on some upcoming homeworks. Ok, but really, you all dont want to hear about that.

In fact, a giant idea hit me in the head on thursday at dinner. It turns out, the world wants crap. They want crass entertainment that can make them think differently for a few seconds to help remove them from life. They want dirty. They want short. They want what they don’t need.

So what’s that mean for this blog… See above. The blog that made me aware of this was one about going to the restroom. I think this could be fun to immitate, and for that reason, I’m going to do just that for a little while.