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Rather Uneventful

Most of you are probably hitting the reload button just waiting for me to post about todays dumps. Truth is, I’ve gone to the bathroom once today.

It’s strange how when you don’t eat anything you find that less food comes out of you. Especially when you eat things that you think should go through you. Like for example, I can eat all the pizza I want and not have to go to the bathroom, but if I have noodles with cream (without cheese) it goes right threw me.

Todays only trip to the bathroom was upon arriving home from work. I sat down, and just let it all flow out. I recall thinking that when I arrived at this clients house I should make it quick because I had to go to the bathroom, but I must have gotten so excited doing computer repair that the idea of going to the bathroom didn’t even cross my mind until I got home.

I suppose I’ll probably have to unload before bed, seeing as I have had dinner now…

So I hope you all remember when you went to the bathroom today whatever the most important thought you had was while taking a dump.

Are we liking the dump talk? Do we like the dirtyness of it all? I’ve heard one comment that it was disgusting, but perhaps that’s what I’m going for.

In other news: JR found yet another new client today. Church website is coming along. Billing is coming along. And we should be in the black this month easily. My thursday meeting got pushed to friday morning.

Other than that: I have found I really like Pokemon Saphire.

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