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Clean Room

I was my room most of the day while I recovered my energy from the late night baby sitting. In the process I got rid of plenty of junk as well as cleaned up everything. I would like to steam vac my room, but not tonight, I would want it to dry. Plus, I have better things to do.

I did find a sheet of paper though, one I wrote somtime awhile back. I don’t remember why, or with what purpose excactly, but it’s an interesting sheet of paper non the less. Perhaps it has more meaning to it then I realize.

Start with unconditional love. It is when you love somebody no matter what they do. They could kill your parents and you would be sad, but’d still love them. Its like the love most parents have for their children. Parents that don’t have this kind of love are those who walk-out on their family. Unconditional love is something you should have before you marry someone. The worse part about unconditional love is how to figure out if its true. I suppose the best test is the test of time. Another good test is that which rushsthrough conditions. Dating runs through both of these tests. But is unconditional love safe? Is all tru love unconditional? Must love be a 2 way thing? Can it only be received?

Seek God for answers to all of the above.

Night world.

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