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I Love SOCA!

Now somebody, anybody, everybody… SCREAM!!!!!


Well, it’s already been mad official that Justin is insane. It’s been confirmed he’s in love. It’s been confirmed that he’s crazy, powerful, smart, and about a dozen or so other traits. Today: It has been confirmed that Justin is trying to commit academic suicide. That’s right, he needs to be removed from the institutions of higher learning, and moved into another kind….

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire… We dont need no water let the MOTHER @#$%$$ BURN.

 So whats the schedule?

CSCI 4211 – Networking
CSCI 5511 – AI 1
CSCI 5512 – AI 2 (People said I was nutz for taking AI 1, now I’m taking 1 and 2 in the same semester!)
CSCI 5801 – Software Eng. 1
Math 5251 – Codes, Fields, CurvesThat… Is a death trap.

The bubbles not reality but it’s inside your head

So that said, I have 2 homework assassignments left to do before wednesday. Both need to get done. Not to mention all the other stuff I need to get done tomorrow. It’s going to be a long day… I just have to stay focused. In an effort to do just that, I’ve been prepping my coding music for tomorrow.

Lately, when I code I’ve been listening to lifenet.fm, an online christian radio station. I like it alot, and it’s good. The problem is it’s a radio station. They don’t have commercials, but not every song fits the mood I’m in. With that, I’ve decided to put a little secular back into my life for tomorrow. The lineup is 40 minutes of music (only 40?!). They are however, the 40 most important minutes of music probably in my collection. Really, it’s more about the most important 10 minutes of music.

It’s this 2 song combo that I could, and have, been known to work at the highest amounts of productivity. Richard reminded me of it today while I was working on my flash project. The lineup for tomorrow reads as follows:

Eiffel 65 – Blue, Living in a Bubble, Move your Body, My Console, Your Clown, Silicon Girl, Blue, Heaven
Rob Dougan??? – Clubbed to Death??? (aka: The woman in the red dress from the Matrix).
Gorillaz – 19 – 2000 Soul ChildReally, the two in bold are all that matter. With those 2, my mind moves, my body moves, and I type… fast.

Oh how did my final go? I surrived. I could have done better, that’s for sure… But I surrived… I guess it’s just one more reason I need to finish that homework for wednesday… I need to pass that class. Otherwise, it’s 1 more semester of school for Justin.

That wouldn’t be so bad would it?

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