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Color of Purple

I was playing around with color schemes today to try to take my mind off life for a little while. So looking around the room I was spotting certain colors that I liked. One such color was the color of the gamecube. I have a black one, but I own 2 purple controllers. There’s something about that combo that struck me.

So I opened up my email and there was a request from a friend for a website. I’m not entirely in the mood to code because I’ve been doing it all week, but who knows, maybe designing would be fun for awhile. Low and behold, they want a purple site… They want vikings colors, but a purple site non the less.

So maybe we could work with that some how:


Who knows… Go Vikes right?

I’m getting a Nintendo DS tonight. 12:01 am, it’s mine. I’m also playing poker with Amber and her family. I haven’t played poker in over a month now, so it will be interesting to see how well I play.

I think I want to go and do something else now… I don’t know what, but this computer is draining me.

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