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Art Class views rinsefirst.com

If you are viewing this portion of my blog post, than you are more than likely seeing it through a flash application in the U of M art class known as 1601. It’s cool because it’s loading up through flash from the internet (assuming everything works). For those of you who are wondering what I’m talking about… at about 9:10 am today, lots of people will be logging into: http://www.rinsefirst.com/1601.swf. There they will take part in art. Ok enough of the first paragraph… Who knows if flash can even handle this much.

I still have to tell the story about getting my DS, but it’s not a top priority right now, so I’ll include it at a later date… For now, just know that I’m still enjoying playing it, except when Amber wants my attention or when she wants to play it.

Thanksgiving Work (not break) in 4 days.