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A Peak

Ok, in this issue of rinse first, we will discuss pain, the art project I spoke of this morning, strange languages, and the long awaited DS story.

Let’s start with my body being in a weird sort of pain… It feels like it didn’t sleep at all last night. Like maybe I was tossing and turning and perhaps even fell out of bed once or twice. Now, I’m pretty sure that didn’t happen, but in either case I’m sore and I’m tired. For this reason, I can’t wait till life roles around to Thursday and perhaps gives me some turkey to catch me back up on life.

Friday sounds like I’ve already booked a dozen things, so we’ll see what happens there.

The art project I had to show this morning went pretty good. They all seemed to enjoy the ability to paint on the screen themselves. No one else had socket server stuff (go figure), which made it unique. Hopefully I get an A on this one… I’d really like to get an A- or A in that class as opposed to the B I’m probably going to get.

Greg is a cool guy though. I don’t know to many people like him, and he seems to be into a lot of electronic art. Everything from having his own site in flash, which I don’t remember the URL…. to having art made out of LED’s (or at least that looks that way).

That said, someone just walked by and sent my train of thought over to the DS as they were speaking Japanese, the language of Nintendo.

Let’s begin:

Friday night started with poker with Amber‘s family. Nikki stopped by with her brand new car so we went out to say hi to her and her brothers.  We told her we were going to Walmart and that she could come with if she wanted, and seeing as she loves going shopping at midnight, she said yes to the offer. So we made plans to meet up later and go.

Around 10 we called Nikki, who was now hanging out with Nate and told her all was good to go. Nate decided to join us as well, so upon their arrival to Amber‘s, we hopped in Nikki‘s car and drove off to Walmart. Upon arrival, I immediantly found the line of 2 people waiting to get one.

I thought that was weird considering that the gamecube had a line of like 15 by the time I got there, and a line of like 40 by the time they opened.

In either case, we got to talking with each other and with the employee on duty. It turned out there were only 7 DS’s in at Walmart so for that reason they could only have 1 per person. About that time, someone heard my voice. Low and behold, it was Beth and her soon to be husband. They had also decided to get a DS that night so they got in line.

At this point there are 5 people in line:

2 guys in front of me, me, and 2 guys behind me (beth wasn’t in line, just brian (her soon to be husband)).

For the next half hour we talked about life and what was going on and about how cool it was going to be to own a DS. During that conversation, it became apparent that the guy that was in front of me had 2 kids and was going to be in trouble if he didn’t get 2 gameboys. I decided to help the guy out by giving Beth the money to buy one and then letting him buy it from me when all was said and done. We didn’t feel that was cheating the system, because there were 7 gameboys, and at that point, with like 10 minutes left, there were still only 5 people in line (now 6 with beth).

During all of this talk, there was a drunk guy that showed up. I don’t know who he was, or why he was at Walmart, but this is what I observed. He was drunk or serverly stupid. He was old enough to be a father, and he seemed to have 3 younger boys following him. The 3 younger boys (probably ages 12-17) were also either drunk, or severly stupid.

Now, I don’t know why they were there, but it started with some stupid questions about why there was this line of people waiting for something he had never heard of. After basically making him bored or something like that, something else grabbed his attention: Nikki and Amber. I don’t know where they were heading at the time, but the he proceeded to follow the two of them down a hallway out of my vision. This prompted me to shout out to Nate to follow them. They were probably fine either way, but always better safe than sorry.

Right as we were about to start buying the gameboys, the drunk guy and kids came back. They guy was saying stupid things like, "I’ll give 100 dollars if you give all of them to me right now" and one of the kids was insisting he was going to get one, so he got in line. Now, I serverly doubt he had the money to buy one (because all of his money was probably spent on booze), but non the less: Another one of Beth‘s friends show up.

He wanted a DS as well, and basically told the kid he would give him 20 dollars to get out of line. The kid was like, no that’s ok, I only need a dollar ?! Seems stupid right off hand. The guys like ok…. here. And the kid went off to buy pie with the drunk guy. I don’t get it… I dont need to.

At that moment it was basically my turn to buy the DS. I picked up Mario 64×4 and the base system, not seeing any other games off hand that I wanted to purchase. I then waited for Beth to get the 2nd DS.

About that time, the drunk kid came back with his pie and told the guy he had gotten the dollar from that he could have it. I don’t understand this either, but at that point, I decided it was time to make my way to the front and let Beth meet me there.

So long drunk guys.

As we left the store, I met up with the father I had met in line. He handed me 5 more dollars than I needed and basically said keep the change. I was confused at first because I thought he had shorted me, but then I did the math again and realized I had made 5 dollars. Yay for me.

After that, it was a ride home with Nate behind the wheel. First mistake: trying to play gameboy while Nate was driving… Eh… I ended up ok. All in all, it was a good night. It was good to see both Beth, Brian, and Nate again. It was good to play poker with Amber‘s family.

On another note: the DS still rocks the cassba.

With that, I’m going to get back to work… Fair winds for now.