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Corrections and Sleep

Let’s start with a correction to my last post: poker and everything that happened occured on Saturday night, not Friday night. Thank you John for the correction. Friday night was spent with John watching a movie and playing cards at Amber‘s house.

I’ve been sleeping a lot lately and still feeling tired. I’m guessing it’s still me recovering from this cold I had. It’s a good feeling though to be able to sleep til 9.

I have a homework due tomorrow at 2 that I have been working on most of today. I think I can get it all done tonight, and that is in fact my goal, but we’ll have to see… If I work through all of it tonight, I can make whatever changes I need to make to it in the morning to get it touched up to where it needs to be.

It also gives me the change to touch it up for SPCPA.

I’m thinking, that if I can somehow find the time to redesign this site I will do that this weekend… I have to think about what theme I want to go for if that’s in fact what I’m going to do. Rinse first… hmmm… Can’t change the name anymore ;-). Perhaps something brighter. Perhaps….

Ok, I need to get back to work and see if I can’t get all my homework done tonight. Blah!

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