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It’s all about audience

Let’s start with the countdown of the schedule:

12/06/04 – CSCI 4061 QUIZ
12/06/04 – CSCI 4131 Homework 10
12/08/04 – CSCI 4041 Homework 3
12/08/04 – CSCI 5106 Midterm
12/08/04 – CSCI 5106 Homework 6
12/15/04 – ART 1601 Final Project
12/15/04 – CSCI 4061 Homework 5
12/15/04 – CSCI 5106 Homewrok 7

Final Schedule
Thursday Dec 16th – 6:30 – 8:30 CSCI 4131 (3-230)
Monday Dec 20th – 4pm – 6pm CSCI 5106     (3-125)
Monday Dec 20th – 6:30 – 8:30 CSCI 4061   (3-210)
Wednesday Dec 22nd – 1:30-3:30 CSCI 4041  (3-210)

That’s all I have left for the rest of the semester. There is a good amount of stuff there considering it’s only a 2 week gap. My last class is on wednesday, which I can deal with. No big deal. That monday of finals week looks like it could hurt though. I’ll have to be ready for them (considering 5106 is probably the class I’m doing hte worse in).

What else is new in life? Not to much. Blaine is doing and amazing job on Oxwaf, to the point where I’m in awe with what it can do. It’s amazing what you can apply a style sheet to. In fact, I think I may have to update this site to be running on oxwaf, just because it’s so dang cool. Hopefully it won’t be to hard for Blaine to explain some of this stuff to me.


I seem to have lost my path with this site. In fact, it took the new Dr. Sturgeon to remind me. Somewhere in the code of this page it says: If logic held meaning, and I held meaning, I must therefore hold logic. Let the zantics of my archoleptic mind compensate for your over obundence of conformity.

It has said that since this site became rinsefirst, perhaps longer. Therefore, I should be giving you crazy antics that just drive you mad. Things that entertain you, while making you think. Things that are not my life being repeated over and over (because that’s what my life is, a giant loop).

So let’s do it. Crazy time.

John has recently being searching for a domain name for his site. I wanted him to get justjohn but that was taken, so we moved to justclap. This play on words with his last name is quite creative and holds some meaning that he may not have thought of…

For example, it could mean that he comes a running when someone claps. It could mean that he will dance when you clap. It could mean that he comes back to life like tinkerbell when you clap. It could mean that he makes a lot of noise. It could mean that he likes attention, like rounds of applause. It could mean he likes the sound of bodies clapping together. Heck, it could even mean that he likes the sound of a large thunderclap and that he feels his life produces this sound.

Of course, it could mean it’s just him.

I like to think though that the name of the domain defines how the site grows, not the other way around. For example, for quite awhile this site was called JJ’s Domain, and the title made sense. It was the location where I, JJ, came and ruled. The content was almost always about me, and the site was bent at my will. It was my site. When I renamed it rinsefirst, the site was still about me, but a lot of the domain aspect went away. Basically, I went to giving you a daily dose of my life, in a similiar fashion to how you rinse your hands. Just enough to get a taste of me and get all the gunk out of your system.

So, in reality, if John got the domain just clap… he would probably make more noise.

In the same way, when Amber‘s site became Banana Monkey, she started eating banana bread, and acting like a monkey. Go figure. And who would of figured it would take Alex this long to dry out after getting so wet in highschool (we blaime the squirt guns). Maybe that shouldn’t have been said, but we like starting controversy that get’s him more hits.

So in reality, our domain defines us, we don’t define our domain.

Zanny isn’t it?