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Avoiding homework to learn

Here is some backwards logic for you:

To learn, I must not do my homework.

In fact, I find doing homework to be quite pointless most of the time, and for the most part, just busywork. However, that wasn’t the point I was trying to make. I can learn by doing my homework. I often find that if I do my homework I do better on tests. However, I also find that if I do my homework, I’m not normally learning something I want to be learning, and therefore: I don’t learn it.

To some degree, schools that teach students stuff they don’t want to know doesn’t make sense to me. I understand that some kids want to know astrophysics, but don’t want to learn math. That’s not possible. Therefore, they have to learn that stuff… But I want to program computers using logic, not using complex physics math that has to do with how fast a computer can fall out of a buiding…

Either way: the point of where I’m trying to get at is, at this moment, I have homework to do and I’m not doing it. Instead, I’m learning about flash and finding new things on Google.

Let’s start with Google.

Google seems to have launched Google groups. I figure they must have launched it today because I use Google basically daily, and tend to notice when anything changes on their fairly plain webpage. Of course, I could run off on my rant about how this is just another step in Google’s conquest of the world, but that’s been dealt with. Instead, I’m going to comment on the fact that it looks to be like yahoo groups but without all the junk that makes yahoo groups a pain to use.

The registration is also a lot simpler.

In either case, I signed up for the announcement group that announces all of googles new stuff. The plan being I can see all their cool idea’s when they have them. Eh, probably won’t work. If you want to join this really cool group, go here: http://groups-beta.google.com/group/google-friends

I’ve also been learning about flash movies. Embedding video and mp3s into flash has to be one of the coolest things it can do. Mainly because it provides the means to use audio on a webpage, in a way that neither causes huge load times, or requires the user to have anything other than flash. The advantage here being that flash seems to be with about 98% of the web now, and most of them are running the latest version thanks to Microsoft.

That said, you might see some pretty cool content up here pretty soon, that is, if I continue to not do my homework.

Some other news, I’ve gotten many comments on the live bookmarks being cool. People want them. I think it’s time to write one of my first tutotrials for another site. When that’s done, I’ll link ya’ll up so you can make your own.

Sound good? I hope so….