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Validator and some sleep

I like my new routine of not going to bed when I talk to Amber. It gives me time to play around on my home computer and do things that I’ve been meaning to do. For example, tonight I installed the W3C validator onto JR Corps.

What’s that mean? That means, that you can validate any webpage by going to http://www.rinsefirst.com/w3c/ , or http://www.tumbledry.org/w3c/, or whatever is on JR /w3c/, assuming you don’t have a rewrite in place that is going to supersede it. I haven’t gotten around to tweaking it for the reason I installed it, but the fact is it’s there. Hopefully, no one but me and my associates will come to rely on it though, because it won’t look like that for long.

Some other cool developments from today include:

My room is clean for company that will be coming tomorrow.
I hooked up my original Nintendo in the process.
Blaine compled yet another cool feature in Oxwaf, which I’m not going to describe here other than to say "we can save now".  
I finished my first final, which means no more CSCI4131 (that was simple).And you know what, I don’t always say it often enough at 2 in the morning, but I love Amber.