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A Quick post to protect the week

I don’t like it when my graph goes black, so this is a quick post in the midst of life. Life is giving me about 20 days to catch back up. Those 20 days known as winter break. Of course, they don’t really kick in til I get home, but who says I can’t get a head start on it from Nebraska. That’s right… I’m in a Nebraska hotel with my loved ones either in this room or in the room next to me (we have 2 due to reasons involving Amber coming on this trip). Lots of fun so far, just some friendly banter and to much pizza. The drive was good, and brief, but life was good.

Mezzoblue posted on the topic of the Apple Ipod and it’s design. I thought I would mention that I think both creative and the IPOD have it all wrong. I want something that’s 15 dollars. Holds no more than 6 hours of music at a high compression. Has 3 buttons like the old walkmen… Next (Fast Forward), Play, and Stop. No more of this browsing. No more of this fiddling with hard devices. I want it cheap and simple. Something that, when it breaks (like my tape cassettes always did), I can throw it out and get a new one without feeling guilty.

Ok, I should get some sleep now, I didn’t get any last night afterall. Night world.