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Its that time of year

I know that for the most part, all I do is talk about work and life, but really, that is what this blog is for. It’s to document my life, day in, day out, hopefully until the day I die. That way, some kid of mine can look back and say: SEE! Look how you screwed up when you were 18.

Ok, so that’s not the entire real reason, but it gives me the excuse to ramble on for a little bit while I wait for a computer to finish installing.

Let’s start with Nebraska. Nebraska was a great trip. For those of you who didn’t know, Amber came with. She got along wonderfully with the family in Nebraska (no surprise) and it was great for us to be able to spend Christmas together. Thanks to this holiday, there are photos of me wearing a pair of underwear (not just the underwear) that shall we say… promotes many funny things. I might post this photo, however, I doubt it.

The trip back was the same old same old. It was my birthday (as it almost always is if I’m not working at MSA on my birthday). Amber got the Sims 2 from Walmart so she played that most of the way. It’s a pretty cool game overall, and I’m impressed by how extensible it is. I’ve considered opening a shop for items that could be sold for the sims. Dont know if people would buy, but hey, you could try.

Since I’ve been back, it’s mostly been about work and sleep. Tomorrow, the MSA Computer Club is coming in, so I’m trying to get an image ready for them to put to use. Hopefully I’ll have 80% of it done by the time they get here. Just can’t forget to install anything. The rest of the time has been spent working on WLC and OXWAF. It’s coming along nicely, again I would show the world, but there is no easy way to do that.

I need to order a new server for JR here very quickly. I have to talk to my Dad about it though and about how we can fund this without to much of a headache.

Amber just got some sad news, so we will have to learn how to work through that together. I’m sure she will post her sad news sometime in the near future.

Well, the next CD needs to get put in this machine, so I guess I’ll get going on that. L8r World.