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Thankful for simple things

The last 3 days, I’ve been working with some of the more complex things you can do with a computer. Things that probably very few people have done with php, html, xml, css, and xsl. In fact, I doubt anyone has done it just like Blaine and I have come up with. In either case, I’m thankful for the complexity of these devices, but there are times when I’m just so much more thankful for the simple things in life.

Take for example my house. We have 2 furnances that heat this place. One heats my room and my parents room (they were added on about 4 years ago) and the other heats the rest of the house. The one that heats the rest of the house has a rather complicated control panel that allows it to shut off during the weekdays to save energy. This way, when no one’s home we aren’t paying for heat we aren’t using. It’s a rather smart scheduler and it always has the house warm by the time my parents get home.

However, the one that heats my room has a simple control panel. No electronics, just one of those metal wires that grow and shrink with the temp of the house. It’s not as energy effecient, but gets the job done.

It’s days like today, that I prefer the simple one. Whys that? Well right now the tempature difference between my room and the hallway outside my room is about 15 degrees. My room is probably somewhere around 72-75 depending on how warm my computer has made it in combination with the heater. The hallway is about 60, if not lower. That said, I’m nice and warm, and well, the rest of the house, is not.

Blaine said that was a good story, so I shared it with you.

I suppose I will get back to work now. Rinse first.