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A Tribute

In a sad piece of news: Amber‘s cat, the cool orange one formally know as "Whisper", died today after having a very bad night. The cat was fairly old, and loved dearly by those around him. He was the only cat I didn’t tease, and was the only cat that seemed to know that I wasn’t all that scary. If you understand the concept of the alpha male, he was indeed that.

Please send your condolences to Miss Amber, for it was her cat, and she is very grief stricken by the loss. We will all miss that wonderful cat who the first time I met him, rammed his head into my leg about 50 times as if he knew that I would one day be a member of that family. I will always remember our wonderful greetings of "hey old man" and "Meow" and the way he could stick his loving butt in my face. In fact, he had done that just hours before whatever caused him to get sick happened.

Here’s to the best cat I think I have ever had the pleasure to know.

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