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Just not in a good mood

I’m just not in a good mood today people. I have complaints about everything. From movies to sports, it’s just upsetting.

Let’s start with the sports. Let me say that I don’t think the Vikings should have won todays game. I think that the team that won was the right team to win, so what I’m about to say is more about how I feel there needs to be a better way to make all the calls fair. I don’t know…

Either way, I think the ref’s sucked up the game. The first half it was in the Eagles favor, in the second half it was in the vikings favor. The back to back pass interference calls, the fumble that we recovered that they took back on a challenge (how did they see that, who knows, receivers have to be ‘re-established inbounds, not someone recovering a fumble.) Not calling pass interference on the the Eagles. Eh. Second half it was against the Eagles, and I could see that, but I don’t feel like remember them, I will just state that they were there.

But, that’s the end of yet another season with Minnesota not being able to do anything at all with the talent they have been given. One of these days, Minnesota fans won’t put up with losing anymore, but who know’s when that will be.

My second rant on the day is on the movies I’ve seen lately. Most of them have been pretty strong movies throughout the movie, until the very end. I don’t know if the productions for these movies have gotten cut short, or if the directors no longer believe in happy endings, or maybe it’s just that they want movies to reflect real life a little more. I don’t know, but really, it’s start to make me mad.

I go to the movies not to left wondering,  not to be driven to frustration when I have to leave, but to be left with a sense of happiness and awesome ness. Take for example Sleepless in Seatle. It’s a classic chick flick I know, but the ending is right. The guy and the girl meet in the most perfect of environments. Or how about land before time? Little Foot get’s home. You can see these endings coming, you can predict them, but what makes thems so good is that even though you know there coming, they still manage to lift you up in the end in a happy kind of way.

The movies I’m referring to lately, don’t do that.

Let’s start with what I can trace it back to. I think the first movie I saw with an ending that relatively sucked was the Matrix. This wasn’t the weakest of endings, but common, Neo just get’s carried away… Yay!?! It feels more like they wanted to move onto a fourth movie than end the trilogy there.

Wait, let me pause, I’m going to be the vaguemaster with some of the upcoming descriptions of the end of movies because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone.

Next on my list would be return of the king. I probably would have been happy if the story would have ended in the video with either the Coronation or just the hobbits return to the Shire, but instead they make us sad because Frodo is leaving, and they draw out the ending so long that it’s hard not to get bored. Another example of great movie, relatively horrible ending. (Note: The books are like that to some degree, but not everything in the books were included, so why include this?)

Then there was Spanglish. Again, fairly good movie, I liked where it was going at the end. But it didn’t turn out at all like I would have expected, nor did it really end on a happy note. It felt like they ran out of production time or they decided they didn’t want a good ending. In short, it was just plain sucky to end that way.

I suppose we could count Mystic River. A very thought provoking movie, but not at all a good ending. How would you feel if you were the wife in that movie at the end. It’s not happy.

Last on my speil for today was In Good Company. I saw this movie last night, and I have to admit yet again, pretty funny movie throughout most of the show. I felt for the characters, and for the story, but again it didn’t end the way I thought it should. I’m not about triumph of the human spirit… I’m about everything working out just perfect. And again, It’s not about what happens in real life, it’s about what I expect to happen in the movies.

Movie’s should reflect the best side of life and help drive people to it, not remind us of what can go wrong and then make us feel that that’s how it’s got to be because that’s life. I think for this reason, I need to make a move with lego people that contains all the aspects of a good movie in my mind… Something like Finding Nemo. Now there’s a good movie.

Well, I’m going to go play some pokemon. That seems to have a happy ending everytime I win. I will be back online laterz I’m sure, probably once I get some bandwidth at Amber‘s house. For now though, think happy thoughts.

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