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It starts again tomorrow

So it starts again tomorrow… That most wonderful of events known as school. The schedule for me reads as follows in a not so pretty text form:

CSCI 5511 TTh 4:00 PM Electrical Eng/Comp Sci 3-125
CSCI 5512W MW 4:00 PM Electrical Eng/Comp Sci 3-111
CSCI 4211 M 6:30 PM Mechanical Engineering 212
CSCI 4707 TTh 12:45 PM Mechanical Engineering 212
MATH 5251 MWF 1:25 PM Elliott Hall N647

If you want to stalk me, that’s where I’ll be. If I’m not there, it’s probably because I’m working on something really cool to have to do with OXWAF or money. Who knows.

I think sleep is in order for the first night before school. I seem to recall I used to set out everything I needed the night before. I used to have a list of supplies I needed. I used to go to the U of M a week before to get my books. In first grade I had supplies like glue and crayons. Now I don’t need crayons. I think everyone should be required to have a box of crayons.

Can you imagine that? Doing your final paper in crayon. Or how about using pictures of scenes in a book to describe what you read? I miss those days. In fact, maybe I should follow suit with Alex and redesign for the new year. Refresh my CSS and show people that I too can be creative from time to time. Crayon… Hmmm… I can see it working.

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