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There are two needs I would like to talk about today. Both the need of stability and the need of comments.

It turns out that Amber being upset with me might have to do more with stability than anything. As we return to school, she has to go back to the mode where she can’t spend every day with me. In fact (in my opinion), she’s lucky if she get’s to spend any time with me Monday-Friday. We both are busy people, and scheduling time to be together means working each other in. What I’m curious about is why do some people have this need more than others?

Let’s relate it to the stability of websites. If a website is going up and down, most people won’t go to it because they don’t want to waste their time if it’s down. If a site is updated weekly, most people won’t go to it more than once a week. If a site is updated daily, and then starts updating weekly, it’s hit counts go down. People don’t adjust immediently to the change. It takes time. Some people can do that fast, others not so much. Why though?

The second need is the need of comments. This site has never had a comment engine attached to it, and I’m starting to consider it. Many people have those little things you can put on the side to leave kind of like a miny instant message. Others have comments attached to the posts. Still others have forums. We have nothing. I’m not sure I want anything either, but it might be fun.

That said, let’s talk about graduation. I needed to fill out my graduation form by January 31st. I no longer need to because I submitted it about 10 minutes ago. That’s right… Justin, at age 20, is schedule to graduate with a 4 year degree this summer. If you want to know what I’m going to do after, the short answer is "sleep".

If we all know what we look like naked, and if warmth is not a factor. Why is it we don’t all run around naked? Probably has something to do with textbooks according to Everwood.

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