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A little bit of opinion

Everyone must make their own opinions about things. If you think something is going to be good, trust your instincts. Go with it. It probably will be. Even if the public thinks it will be bad. This is of course assuming you are known for having good instincts. Some people of course screw this up by constantly doing things they think will be good but always end up being bad. I believe that this is a select few people in the world that have this ability, but for the most part, I believe most of us are mostly right.

That said, I watched The Village tonight. I managed to not see it in theatres, even though I knew I wanted to see it. I loved the 6th Sense. I loved Unbreakable. I loved Signs. I knew I was going to love The Village. Why didn’t I go then? Well, I only heard bad things about it. Friends told me it was OK. People at church said it was nothing special. This didn’t make any sense to me. How could a director and writer I have come to find has amazing talent do something so horribly wrong to get bad reviews. I didn’t believe it at all.

And after tonight, it turns out I really shouldn’t have listened to all those people. I should have seen it. The movie at points had my heart pulsing, my mind guessing, my mood shaken. The plot was fantastic. The acting was typical. The attention to detail: fantastic. Of course, it is another mind bender, but that’s what I love. And, it had a good ending!

Speaking of good endings. I saw The Incredibles last night at the U of M for free. I love free movies, so I think I will have to do this again sometime. It was very good and very Pixar like in feel. It made me laugh which is always good and the plot was more than good enough for me. I especially like the pre-movie avertising where I saw Matt playing DDR with a kiosk. Very cool.

That said, I’m off to sleep. I have some decisions to make and some homework to do. Not to mention, about 300 Pokemon to catch, raise, and store.

Did I mention today that, I Love Amber Radabaugh?

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