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Staying Busy

I’m impressed with myself lately. I’ve been a constant force to reckon with. Nothing will stand in my way when it comes to time management, staying busy, and getting things done. In the last week, wlcyouth.org has launched with a fairly working version. OXWAF has received who knows how many fixes and updates. I’ve managed to get all of my homework done with no last minute worries. I’m getting more than enough sleep (maybe that explains the productivity). I’ve done things for just about everyone, and I’m still going.

I’m debating in my head if I want to run an idea by Blaine and Jon to start training people how to make sites in oxwaf. I’m also debating if we should start working on a user instruction manual. Maybe that’s for tonight’s task list. We’ll see.

Did I mention I’m regretting not buying google?

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