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Handeling Growth

How do you handle growth? Do you hire people? Do you try to do stuff more effeciently? Do you run around in circles screaming random words? How about sacrifice. Do you have to give up things to help growth? I’m finding life is getting quiet complex. JR is taking off way to fast and managing the flow of work isn’t something we have figured out how to do ‘persay’.

That said, I think I need a task list system that I can dock on my computer and use it to get things done. Man… I might just have to work on that tonight. Amber has done a lovely job putting together the new documentation for OXWAF. Richard is learning XML. Blaine and Jon keep doing everything thing they have to do to make the company take off for them as well. All in all, life is taking off well.

I need to do my taxes too, very soon in fact. Maybe I’ll schedule that for sometime next week. I really need to get back to life though. To many things to handle at once. For now, I’m out though.

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