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Happy Vday

Love has found me in the wildest of ways
A girl beyond my dreams is with me in these days.

Her hair is always changing and her eyes are so white
I don’t think our love could feel anymore right.

She has been by my side, for almost 2 years
We have done just about everything, except share beers.

We have wallowed, we have won
We have danced, we have sung

We have enjoyed each others smiles
And spent many a-time on the dial

So in the next year, we will still be together
Even in this crappy minnesota weather.

And even when I break the law
I’ll still think, I love Amber Radabaugh


Happy V-day Everyone


For what it’s worth: we still have 3 spots in our fantasy league on Nascar. Hurry!  jjdb210 has created a league in "Ultimate NASCAR Fantasy League", and you’re invited to join!  It’s totally free, and it’s totally fun!

For more information, or to join the league, follow this link:

The password for jjdb210’s league is: WALLA27642

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