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The Good and the Bad

Good: The Nascar Auction came to an end. I ended up with Gordan and Busch. Not to shabby. The bidding at the end was intense. I was impressed at how everyone took part. I can’t wait to see if it stays that way the rest of the season. To kick things off, I might just need to have a Daytona party here… But, we’ll see.

Bad: This morning I woke to find my computer frozen

Good: It rebooted

Bad: It froze again 15 minutes later.

Good: I found the problem

Bad: It was the fan on my graphics card that had blown to bits.

Good: I got my Math Homework done

Bad: I have clients that need things done

Good: I got 98% of SPCPA done.

Bad: I didn’t finish

Good: I love my girlfriend and even though it’s trying sometimes, we always work through it.

Bad: I forgot to get a DVD to church for tonight

Good: I made it home

Bad: My graphics card no longer works at all

Good: I have a spare to use in the meantime

Bad: The spare doesn’t support directx 9.0

Good: I don’t play games

Bad: I need to buy a new one

Good: I’ll be up to date

That’s life of the last 24 hours for ya. Overall all though, considering my nice graphics card just fried, I’m in a pretty good mood. You should see how burnt my heat sink is. Eh, what can ya do.

For now, it’s back to work or maybe I’ll head to bed… Gotta send 1 email first.

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