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Round 2, Nascar Style

Life is good and interesting. Church was good today. The music was the right music. The sermon was pretty tight. The mood was right. Things felt right at church this time around, last time, unlike wednesday where the place felt weird for some reason. Couldn’t figure it out though.

Spent all afternoon watching Nascar with Amber, Amy, John, Mellisa, and my dad. It was a nail biter again. Richard had me at the beginning. Then I had him for most of the middle, then he had me at the end, giving him the win. That makes him 2-0, Nikki 0-2, and everyone else 1-1. I’ll have to fight my way back now. To bad Jeff had to lose a piston towards the end, and the black flag wasn’t very nice either.

On the upside of things… Busch did manage to take 3rd. Giving me the continuation of a streak I was looking for. It turns out I probably should have picked Jimmy for that, but I think I’ll wait a little bit before I pick Jimmy to hopefully help push my lead up a little bit later. He’s got to win a race here soon anyway. The question is, who do I pick for next week? Guess I’ll have to do my research.

Well, my task list says I have things to do, so I’m going to do them. Laterz all.

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