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Count Down To Break

It’s 2 AM in the morning so I figure I’ll give you a countdown before I go to bed:

8 Bits to the byte
7 Days until Spring Break
6 Hours Till I wake up
5 minutes Til I wake up
4 days of school til Spring Break
3 Midterms til Spring Break (DB, AI2, Math)
2 Servers arrive tomorrow!
1 Homework assignment til Spring Break


That said, I’m going to have to let my Dad drive tomorrow because I’ll be so fast asleep on the way to Fridley, that I can’t imagine wanting to stay awake.

I’m not sure I mentioned Nikki turned 20. That’s right. She’s almost as old as me now, only a few more years and she will catch up (haha). I think we will head up there sometime this weekend to celebrate with her, even if that means she has to work while we celebrate (again, haha). I wonder if she has met her dad yet.

In other news: The church has been interviewing candidates for an open position. We have it down to 3 (again) and they have been coming in to meet us to get our opinions on them. So far, I have to admit I like one of the two I’ve met better. Mainly, because I know him as Kansas from my first trip to Sonshine. I’m betting he will get the call. What that means for us though, I don’t know.

I love Amber, yes I do. I love Amber, how about you?

Some more interseting pieces of knowledge that might interest some of you. My sister graduates this year. Her grad party is shaping up to be like the 18th of June, or maybe it was the 12th. I don’t remember. Let me get back to you on that when I know the official date. Maybe by then, the official date will just magically go online because my PDA will sync with my webpage. Won’t that be nice.

Well for now, It’s off to bed I go. Laterz. (I still can’t believe I finished that homework).

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