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A midterm gone wrong

Today has been one of those good and bad days. It’s currently 2 in the afternoon, and so far today I have managed to be awake roughly 8 hours. You can do the Math as to when I either went to bed, or, when I woke up, in either situation, I’m in the same boat. The weird part is, I feel very awake. Not tired at all in fact. I got out of bed without an alarm and I felt rested. Strange how 12 hours of sleep can make it impossible to get out of bed where 6 hours of sleep will allow you to wake up… Very weird.

I was up pretty late working on getting a dumb animation to work. I finally figured it out, but still, it took way to long to handle. I wonder if it would run as well as it does on my emulator on a real gameboy. I would upload it, but it probably wouldn’t do much good.

I had a midterm today as well. I didn’t do as well as I thought I would. It wasn’t what I was expecting. I was expecting a draw this diagram, instead, I got a midterm on things that we haven’t even had homework on yet. Strange how that works. Well, what can you do but lose way to many points for problems that aren’t all that hard.

I also managed to leave my laptop charger at home, so either I will have to go to the lab in a few minutes to do some work, or I will have to find Blaine and steal his. Either way, it was a bad choice to leave that behind.

Maybe I’ll go do some homework. In either case, fair winds for now world.

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