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Quality Over Quantity

With the loss of 99% of my data, I have decided that this time around, I’m going to go for quality, instead of quantity. If it works, my MP3 collection will be smaller, but better. My hard drive will have more open-ness to it. And life in general, will just be good….

So what’s the rules for this new MP3 plan Justin has?

1) All MP3’s must come from the orignal CD and it must be either ripped by me, or by someone I personally know who ripped it in accordance with this rule as well as the rest of the rules.

2) Only Full CD’s. I don’t want single tracks anymore. This should reduce the number of doubles as well.

3) Full 320 kbps audio.

4) Artist/Album/Artist – Track Number – Title

5) and most importantly, no downloading.

Afterall, we should do things legally, not illegally afterall. As far as I’m aware, it’s legal to copy my own CD’s to my hard drive, so that’s what I’m doing at this exact moment.

I’m thinking I might also keep an index of my mp3 collection for reference, that way people know what CD’s I need so they can get them to me for my birthday. That would be cool.

Well. I just felt like posting so I’m going to work my way to bed. Night world.

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