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Cubes New Comment System Fails

So it turns out that Richard‘s new comment system is quite cool. I can abuse it to allow me to get more hits at least for a temporary period. I should get bonus points.

You know, if people would just read my blog, they would remember not to let this happen to them. Remember Menssen.org trying to read my header? Remember how I got his site to redirect to mine? It’s the same thing. So simple, and so many more hits for me (ok, so they normally have it fixed, but what can you do).

So talent is again on my side.

In some other news, Life continues to be strong. I’m always doing something cool, and I’m never writing about it. Take for example this location search engine I just wrote for one of our clients.

You input the zip code, and it finds all the things that are around that zip code. But wait, if you think about it, this is more complicated than it sounds. Zip codes aren’t right next to each other. You can’t just take a range of them. That would never work. Instead, I managed to find a table of all the zip codes in the nation, linked with there latitude and longitude. Now, using degrees, I can pinpoint the surrounding zip codes with a fairly simple query.

Oh, for another interesting piece of news. I took my first trip to the St. Paul Mayor’s office yesterday. Quite the place. I didn’t bump into the mayor (I guess he was on vacation), but still, it is quite a facility. Security at the front door with metal dectors. Keypads and a security guy to get back into the offices. Overall, a really cool trip. I hope to be seeing more of that office in the near future.

Well, I have some other things I need to get done, so back to those things.