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A Sad Day

I’m not catholic. I’m christian. I prefix this post with that because for this to make any sense to follow, that should known. To be specific, I’m lutheran. Unlike our catholic brothers and sisters, we don’t feel the need for the pope. I don’t have a huge understanding of it or why, but that is how it is. That said:

I find myself morning the loss of this man. A man that has never done anything for me persay. A man that I’ve never met. A man that I’ve probably never even thought about for more than 5 minutes at a time. He’s not like Douglas Adam’s, where I had read his books or my great grandma who had made me apple pie until I was 10. So why am I morning this man.

The news makes him out to be a great man. The news made princess Diana out to be great, but I didn’t care in the least when she died. The pope though… the man who is on earth to live like Jesus. We are all supposed to, but this guy actually comes close to doing it. I don’t know who he was. I don’t know what moves me to morn for him, but may God bless everything he has done. May he have a glorious spot in heaven for all that he has done on this earth for the betterment of mankind. May whoever replaces him be as great a leader.

I feel like more needs to be said about this man. I feel that I should write some really long paper on him. I feel like I’m a hypocrit for calling myself a christian. I feel like I’m going to change my mood in about 30 minutes. Not because I don’t care anymore, but because I will have moved onto something else more important at the moment.

To try to end this post on a slightly more cheery note… Yesterday was an excitingly fun day. Moreso than I expected. I retrieved JR Corps first set of paychecks, picked up my DDR, and taught computer club. But it was everything after computer club that was great. Dan let Richard and I drive his manual around the parking lot. I must admit, that was fun. Even if Richard did manage to cause the car to stall out a few times :-). I think the next car I get might have to be a manual, just for the sake of wanting to have a little bit of fun. I can imagine my driving being slightly more affected by my emotions though.

We followed that up with Chilli’s where we had the best server to date. I left him a fairly large tip since I was so impressed. The guy was amazing. We went through 5 baskets of chips, and he litterally would have a fresh one ready every time we finished one off. It was crazy. Dan and John then left our party while Amber, Richard, and I went off the to Mall of America for racing again.

We got there to find out that it was full for the night. However, we raced two individual races just to satsify our desire. I managed to place 9th and 3rd. Not bad for my first time driving a manual. Both times I was right behind this guy named Troy. He’s one of the better young guns. That was a blast. We’ll be heading up there next Saturday night for anyone that might want to join us. It’s the first league thing of the season.

After that we all went home and called it a night.

Today arrose. I’ve been working on my long list of homework and ripping CD’s at the same time. I’m almost done with 1 of my 5 assignments. I’m hoping I can get one more done at Amber‘s tonight. If I can get 3 done by monday, I’ll be in good shape for this week.

I also home to finish up Mario and Luigi, a few web things, and who knows what else.

Well hope you all are enjoying the new layout, who knows how long it will last.

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