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Looking Forward to Hell

Let me start off by saying the weather so far this year has been very much to my liking. Snow storms when I wanted a snow storm, nice weather on the weekends, rain when I needed to see rain. Mother nature for once seems to have the mix just the way I like it.

Today started off with Racing. Cars going around at bristol is somewhat painful to watch. People have bad luck every 5 seconds. Cations fly. The occational Red Flag. I mean, it’s just crazy. As far as Fantasy Nascar for me… I lost again. I always show up, but when people play me, they seem to show up as well. Nikki handed Richard his first defeat, and Amber got her first win by beating my dad. All in all, things are getting closer again, but there are still a lot of races left this season. Hopefully more people come to next Sundays nascar race.

After that I worked on homework. I managed to get not 1, but 2 homework assignments done this weekend, leaving me with 3 to do this week. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday as it would be, with Tuesdays being the most likely to get pushed back. I started looking at Tuesdays for the last hour or so. It’s going to be a pain, so I’m going to have to work my butt off to get it done tomorrow. Maybe I’ll actually plan on waking up for once.

Piece of news for everyone: Ashley and Sam are officially dating now, as of April 2nd. I thought that it should be accounced, so that’s what I’m doing. Did anyone but me not see this coming?

Richard pointed out to me that I seem to want to buy a lot of big things lately. A Mac Mini (which I don’t really need), A Honda Civic, and a house. I don’t know what’s driving this craze to want to get big things all of a sudden, but I must say it feels somewhat motivational. I think it’s my way of telling me that I need to work myself to death this summer so that I don’t have to go back to school next year. Just think, if I could have all those things by the end of summer, completely paid off… Man… I would be set! So the question is, how do you make at least a quarter of a million in 1 summer.

3 Months, 90 days, 250,000. 3,000 a day basically. Anyone got any bright ideas. My most hopeful at the moment is to rob a bank and average it over the period of 90 days. Could also go into the drug business, but that’s liable to cost me more. Then there’s the lottery, but I’m just not lucky. Begging…. Now begging is an interseting prospect. Let’s assume that I made jars that said donate to me and put them all around the twin cities and gathered them daily. In theory, if I put out enough jars, I should get enough money. Ok, so all of these don’t seem to be the best idea…

Summer is coming fast now. I took out my rollerblades before Amber came over today. Was seeing if I could still stand in them, and of course I could. I just about pulled out the hockey stick to see if I could work on the hand/eye/foot corridination, but the race started so I never got to it. I have a lot of happy memories with my K2’s. Everything from buying them at what is now called Dick’s, to using them on city bike paths with friends, to playing against a bunch of young’ns who could skate better than me with Richard. If your done growing, and you don’t own a pair, I recommend them. If your still growing and your not one of those active people, I don’t… Mainly because if your not growing, you have years to use them, if you are growing, you have months.

Well, it’s getting to be that hour of the night where I like to fall asleep, even though I have things I want to do. I really do want to do some personal programming on my artificial intelligence project. That will be so cool if it works, heck… Who knows, maybe that’s a way to earn 3000 a day… Probably not.

Well, I suppose I should be moving on to the various other things I need to be getting to. Fair winds world.

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