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Hell Prediction Comes True

I predicted yesterday that today I would be working on homework. That turned out to be more true than I would ever have guessed. I got to the U of M this morning around 11 am. Started on my homework. Math rolled around at 1, and I felt I should keep working on the homework, so that’s what I did. 4 o’clock, I’m still not even half way on the assignment so I decided to keep working. Dinner roles around, and I’m about half way. I go to dinner, skip my night class, and go home to work on the homework some more. Midnight rolls around and I am now 3.3 problems away from being done. 2 of them I have no idea what they are asking, 1 of them I just haven’t done, and .3 is what I have left on another. This is a nasty assignment to say the least.

Luckily, it’s not due til 4:00 pm tomorrow, so I still have a good 4-8 hours to work on it tomorrow depending on what time I wake up. I think I can make a resonable stab on the other problems in that time.

What’s the point of this assignment though. I mean seriously. We had to draw a tree that had basically 2^8 nodes. (That’s 2 sheets of paper, minimum). Then with that tree, we had to pass values all the way from the bottom, to the top, twice. That’s like 2^8 calculations (256 for those who are paying attention.) I tell you that problem alone could have been the homework.

I hope my other AI homework for this week isn’t that bad. I have better things to do this week than waste my entire life on homework. Especially if the weather continues to be in the 70’s as it has the last 2 days here. Of course, tomorrow when I’m in a bad mood, it will rain. At least, that’s what the weather people are saying.

Because of homework there isn’t much else to report. I could mention that I talked to Brendan Meeder today. Asked him for advice on some algorithms for image recognition for my AI2 final project. I could mention that JR is doing fine and I have a meeting this friday with one of our clients.

Oh oh oh. I know. My parents are out of town for the week. Both of them went to Miami and then San Lucia(sp?) for my Cousin’s wedding. I guess she wanted to get married on the beach, or something like that. Congradulations to Melissa on this. I’m not sure pointing this out to the world is the best idea, but seeing as I live here still, I doubt it will matter. I’m sure I’ll still have people over for the race on Sunday, and I’m sure I’ll still go racing on Saturday (of course, Saturday is when Amy will throw a really big party right?! Hopefully not…)

I think I figured out today when a T1 line becomes affordable. It has to do with when you can seperate it out into phone lines and such. I might have to consider getting one at some point (that’s a big maybe and it would be with the idea that I need remote backups to JR and high speed at home.) So really, that’s just me dreaming big again, but like my house, car, and super computer dreams…. They are what they are… dreams.

I think now would be a good time to mention: I love Amber.

Well, the clock is about to roll back to single digits in the hour column which either means it’s lunch time or sleep time… Both of which are illusions, doubly so…