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Another Bad Start

4 Hours of sleep, Incomplete homework, and a Spanish test at 8 is not a good combo in the morning. I am currently in a break that is taking place right after the test, and I would be lucky to pass anything I have done in the last 24 hours. Maybe this could be related to my mood swing(s) yesterday. Maybe it could be related to my lack of love. Maybe it could be related to the fact I am evil. Maybe it could be that I just am making excuses for the fact I am lazy. Maybe it is because I am a teenager in highschool taking college classes. Maybe it is because I have this website. Maybe its because I design websites. Maybe its because my parents are out of town. Maybe its because I also had enlish homework *which i didnt do either but will in the next hour.* Maybe its because I dont really care. Wait I do… Otherwise it wouldnt be affecting my mood. Maybe ill find something that cheers me up this afternoon.

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